The Village Church

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace (Matins)

May 10, 2022 Corey and Coleen Season 2
The Village Church
Fruit of the Spirit: Peace (Matins)
Show Notes

Fruit of the Spirit

Colleen and Corey Gilchrist
May 8, 2022

Colleen: Prayed a blessing over all the mothers: Thank you, God for all mothers.
I have nothing to offer of peace of my own; Jesus, we want your living peace that roots us that we are enough and loved.

I am honored and frightened to be speaking to you about peace: we are having the imposter syndrome because we both don’t have this. We are honored and excited to engage in peace. Here is my daughter’s painting from last week. The blue painting is the background

The Fruit of the Spirit comes in one bunch from the Holy Spirit; our job is to abide in him. Peace is “Eyrene.” We have an Irene in our family who embodies peace: Calm and steady. It also means Shalom: a deep sense that all in the world Continue Reading

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