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Grief and Gratitude: Engaging

March 23, 2022 Pastor Eric Season 3
The Village Church
Grief and Gratitude: Engaging
Show Notes

Grief and Gratitude: The Grief and Gratitude series is based on a podcast series on the Allender podcast.


Eric Cepin 


We are in this series, and this is the third week. There is a movie star named Keanu Reeves who is supposed to be a nice guy. When asked where people go when they die, he responded, “What I do know is that the people they leave behind will miss them.”

 Heb. 10:24,25: A sense of sadness and grief: Dr. Larry Crabb passed away last year, and I spent time with him before he died. This is his passage. And this is the Village’s passage, too. I remember moments that I had with him and I’m sad that I will not do that in this life. But I’m grateful about how he helped me understand this passage.

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